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Welcome on board!

We are excited to start our cooperation and we believe we’ll be an even stronger team together. Here are some useful information we’ve prepared for you & also the steps that need to be followed from now on:

Step1: Setting up your individual coupon

  • After registering, please wait for an email from and fill in the questionnaire attached. 

  • Make sure that you are also registered on our website with the same e-mail address (f.e.

  • Fill in your profile on our website - name and surname are mandatory

  • Make sure you have all information and you know your discount coupon


Step2: Promotion

By registering, you are not just our ambassador, but you are automatically becoming our Affiliate partner.  You’ll be able to promote both your discount coupon and also the affiliate links for promoting our company.

You can see 32 campaigns  on your message board. The commision from affiliate link is currently 6%. 

  • What is the affiliate link and how can I use it?

Affiliate link is one of the ads elements you can use to promote us. You'll find it in an ad campaign. You can use it on your blog, website or instagram as a swipe up. It doesn’t offer any discount to the followers (as the coupon does) but that it can be ‘detected’ even after 30 days (because of the cookies) and if someone will purchase by accessing this link  you will still get the commision. The affiliate link URL always ends with affiliate parameter, which ensures that the click is recognized to the right user. 

How can I use affiliate link?

Find campaign you would like to promote and copy the affiliate link. This is your unique link which ends with your affiliate ID.

If you would like to promote just one product or product line, please go to our e-shop, to the product you want to promote, copy the URL and then at the end of the link add. and add ?a_box=xxx  (xxx= affiliate ID)


TIP: Open an incognito browser window and copy exactly the link you just made. After the page loads, you can open a commission program, go to the message board and check the Statistics tab from the top menu.

You should then see the first click record in the table. If you make a test order, you should see a record of the conversion in progress next to the click in the Statistics item after the commission window has been restored after completing the test order.

  •   What is individual coupon and how can I use it?

You can use your individual discount coupon as soon as you receive information from us that it is active. Coupon offers an EXTRA discount than the ones already set on our e-shops. There are no limits to imagination, you can use it on your Insta feed and stories, on your YouTube channel, etc., the more you promote it, the more chances you’ll get for conversions & commissions.

 Affilbox then counts any conversion made with this coupon and you can see it in your statistics. You will also receive an automatic email from us with every new conversion. 


Step3: Where can I see my results & statistics?

Affilbox counts your conversions either from the discount coupon or affiliate link. You can see all your conversions (made trough link or coupon) in report. (Statistics - conversional report)

Coupon always takes precendence over the link.

3 examples: 

  • You are promoting us with your discount coupon - the affiliate program automatically counts every commision to you, doesnt matter from where the conversion came from.

  • Customer came trough individual link you shared but also used your discount coupon - the conversion will be counted trough coupon as yours

  • Customer came trough link you shared but did not use your coupon - conversion from link is yours

TIP:  If you would like to know how many people have you reached, use your affiliate link. Affilbox counts visits trough link, not just conversions. It can be useful for your future developement. 


Your message board report 

  • Clicks this month - clicks that your promotion brought us this month - this can be also tracked in Statistics - click-trough report 

  • Conversions this month - number of conversions your promotion has brought us this month - Statistics - Conversional Report 

  • Commissions this month - all conversions in € this month - Statistics - Conversional Report 

  • Pending commission - all pending conversions in € - it can be throughout months - when conversion is made it is in the “UNDECIDED (pending state) -  it has not yet been decided whether the conversion will be approved/rejected - this happens automatically 40 days after creating the order, if the customer returns the goods, the conversion will be rejected. 

  • Payment - how much money is awaiting billing - conversions that have already been approved but have not yet been billed 

  • Total earned - approved unbilled conversions (payment) + invoiced (billed) 

To totally understand all your conversions, always look into left side bar Statistics - Conversional Report section. Your conversions can be in 4 statuses: Billed, Approved, Declined, or Pending.

Conversion statuses:

Pending - every new conversion is in pending status. y default, conversions are approved/declined automatically after 40 days since the purchase were made. 

Approved - if the order will be delivered in our system, the conversion will be approved

Declined -  if the order will be cancelled or returned, the conversion will be declined

Billed - all approved conversions, which were already billed and payed 


Step4: How can I invoice or use my commision?

As mention above, all new conversions are in Pending state and waiting for approval. 

Do you want to invoice? 

You can invoice if you have enough approved conversions. The minimum amount for invoicing is 40 Eur.

Go to Billing and ask for Invoice (upper right corner). 

After approving by us (usually the same day), you can issue an invoice (into affilbox).

If you can’t invoice, ask the person of contact/the country manager you’ve talked to to issue a voucher in the same value, that you’ll be able to use in our e-shop.

Invoice inserting

  • issued date = date you are uploading invoice

  • due date = +14 days. (the due date of the invoice determines the day until which we have the right to pay the invoice. If you set the due date to more than 14 days, please expect a later overpayment)